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Hooray for Amway!

July 31, 2006

Found a catchy little music video from that den of filth and iniquity known as “YouTube”. No time to watch it but I hear there’s lots about Amway, my house and yacht, so I know it’s the kind of wholesome, family entertainment that Michigan needs right now to put us back on track!

Working for change, so you don’t have to! Join the Dick Devos Campaign for Big Bucks!


Screw the Campaign for Change!

July 31, 2006

Fightin' Mad!Sorry for the potty mouth but I have to make sure you’re with me in the reframing of the Dick Devos Campaign for Change 2006 Take Back Lansing from Jeneral Jenny 2.0 Turnaround Drive to Freedom (the image guys came up with the name – they’re expensive, but brilliant!)

We’re dropping the whole “Campaign for Change” part. Wasn’t resonating with voters. We listened. We’ll call it “Dick Devos’s Campaign for Big Bucks”. We still need your help with donations as the coffers are dangerously low (hat tip to the Communist News Service).

Dick Devos’s Campaign for Big Bucks is all about getting you the same kind of Big Bucks that Dick Devos and all his pals have. Dick Devos wants you to feel the joy of being well off!

So remember: Nobody will get you off like Dick Devos!

Join the
Campaign for Big Bucks on MySpace

a friend in greed is a friend indeed!!


The King of France is in the House

July 29, 2006

Fabulously WealthyWell, the commies apparently passed the Head right on up to the King of France himself.

I’m not sure exactly what they’re trying to say (other than “we’re really, really upset that we’re not tan, fit and fabulously wealthy”). There’s so many links in their post that I think I broke my mouse. That’s really gonna put a crimp in things … at least until I switch to one of my other 843 computers!!

I’d respond to their baseless accusations about me and Dick Devos if they’d let me, but apparently they need to have their audience take a full day to determine if in fact they do want to join the Communist Party of America.

Two things I’ll say:

  1. Ted Nugent is twice the man any of you will ever be and you can bet he’d eat any three of you under the barbecue
  2. You’re on “the List”, Kosovo.

Michigan Turnaround Plan 2.0: Blogrolls, Jelly Rolls and Roller Derby

July 28, 2006

It’s come to my attention that some folks merely DESPISE Dick DeVos.Yeah, here’s a shout-out to all my homies in Mordor! Got that fixed up all nice and pretty for you now, your dungeonmastership.
Jelly rolls. I like ’em. You’re on the road, talking to people about how much their life sucks now that Jobless Jenny has kicked all the auto companies to China and you get a powerful hunger. No matter what Bets says, 3 NUTRILITE™ Concentrated Fruits and Vegetables tablets are NOT equal to one jelly roll. You can pull the lever on that one for sure.

Roller derby – can’t see the appeal.

Detroit Roller Girls


Well, the Commies Found Me

July 28, 2006

WaryIt didn’t take long for the bunny-lovin’ tree-firsters over at the Michigan Branch of the Communist Party of America to find me. I’d be scared that they have me bugged … that is: I’d be scared IF I WASN’T A DISEMBODIED HEAD WITH MORE MONEY THAN GOD.*

I’m mildly alarmed, because when the tax-and-spend crowd starts to smile and make nice with you, it’s usually time to pack your bags and move to China.



Blog Review: for my amusement only…

July 28, 2006

Wizard Kitten ... what the hell kind of a name is that??

My first Blog Review is for my amusement only… by Wizard Kitten. I started with “Wizard Kitten” because my alphabet begins and ends with W – Woot! Woot!

My keen masculine senses instantly informed me that I was dealing with a man hater or worse. In addition to posts that are waaaaaaaay to long for any self-respecting woman – she’s got posts about baseball for cryin’ out loud! And how about that lunar phase calculator? You wanna know what time it is missy? It’s time for you to find a real man and leave the politics to us menfolk!!

Her post “debunking” the Single State Depression and sucking up to John “Fairy” Kerry is pure fantasy. She should spend more time dreaming about unicorns and ponies and less time criticizing folks who are working to fix this state once and for all. America is fine, sweetie, except for when it has to defend itself from rebels like you!

If you need to see any more:

a) I know you’re a commie too and

b) Click the kitty!!


Dick DeVos’s House is a hell of a lot bigger than your rathole

July 27, 2006

Dick DeVos's House is a hell of a lot bigger than your rathole

Plenty more where that came from!