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Devos Wars Episode I: Money over Michigan

November 8, 2006

Money over Michigan

There wasn’t enough space for the dancing Ewoks. I hope that’s OK with you. Thanks for all your support and uplifting of the Disembodied Head of Dick Devos.

Before I wander off into that good night, I wanted to ask you all to take care, be well, and work to make this state and country a better place, especially by reaching out to folks across the aisle. We have some huge problems. They didn’t magically disappear last night and solving them is going to require all of our skills (and money – how about $30 million for renewable energy, Dick?). As long as we have them, the threat of replacing ineffective government with truly terrible government remains very real.

This site will now become a drifting hulk of information. The information stays because is is information about a man who is only about 1% less rich and probably 0% less committed to some really scary things.

The End?
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