Screw the Campaign for Change!

July 31, 2006

Fightin' Mad!Sorry for the potty mouth but I have to make sure you’re with me in the reframing of the Dick Devos Campaign for Change 2006 Take Back Lansing from Jeneral Jenny 2.0 Turnaround Drive to Freedom (the image guys came up with the name – they’re expensive, but brilliant!)

We’re dropping the whole “Campaign for Change” part. Wasn’t resonating with voters. We listened. We’ll call it “Dick Devos’s Campaign for Big Bucks”. We still need your help with donations as the coffers are dangerously low (hat tip to the Communist News Service).

Dick Devos’s Campaign for Big Bucks is all about getting you the same kind of Big Bucks that Dick Devos and all his pals have. Dick Devos wants you to feel the joy of being well off!

So remember: Nobody will get you off like Dick Devos!

Join the
Campaign for Big Bucks on MySpace

a friend in greed is a friend indeed!!


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