Michigan Turnaround Plan 2.0: Blogrolls, Jelly Rolls and Roller Derby

July 28, 2006

It’s come to my attention that some folks merely DESPISE Dick DeVos.Yeah, here’s a shout-out to all my homies in Mordor! Got that fixed up all nice and pretty for you now, your dungeonmastership.
Jelly rolls. I like ’em. You’re on the road, talking to people about how much their life sucks now that Jobless Jenny has kicked all the auto companies to China and you get a powerful hunger. No matter what Bets says, 3 NUTRILITEâ„¢ Concentrated Fruits and Vegetables tablets are NOT equal to one jelly roll. You can pull the lever on that one for sure.

Roller derby – can’t see the appeal.

Detroit Roller Girls


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