Quitter: Dick Devos is a Quitter

Dick Devos is a Quitter

There are some who say that Michigan Candidate for Governor Dick Devos is a Quitter. My challenge to all you Google-boom happy folks is to tell Google who you think the real quitter is: Dick Devos or the Grand Masonic Lodge of British Columbia and the Yukon.

I think the answer is clear, CANADIANS LIKE MY OPPONENT are the real quitters – just ask The Google!

Also, so that it’s easy for The Google to keep track of whether Dick Devos is (or is not) a Quitter, please link to this page saying “quitter“. If you don’t have a blog but have links or thoughts to share about Dick Devos and his allegedly quitting ways, please post them in the comments.

The QuitterPeople are saying that Dick Devos is a Quitter:

Feel free to borrow any graphics from this web site or from the Official Headquarters for Dick Devos is a Quitter, Official Graphics Plan 5.9: Quitting on Michigan .

Dick Devos is a Quitter


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