Blog Review: for my amusement only…

July 28, 2006

Wizard Kitten ... what the hell kind of a name is that??

My first Blog Review is for my amusement only… by Wizard Kitten. I started with “Wizard Kitten” because my alphabet begins and ends with W – Woot! Woot!

My keen masculine senses instantly informed me that I was dealing with a man hater or worse. In addition to posts that are waaaaaaaay to long for any self-respecting woman – she’s got posts about baseball for cryin’ out loud! And how about that lunar phase calculator? You wanna know what time it is missy? It’s time for you to find a real man and leave the politics to us menfolk!!

Her post “debunking” the Single State Depression and sucking up to John “Fairy” Kerry is pure fantasy. She should spend more time dreaming about unicorns and ponies and less time criticizing folks who are working to fix this state once and for all. America is fine, sweetie, except for when it has to defend itself from rebels like you!

If you need to see any more:

a) I know you’re a commie too and

b) Click the kitty!!


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