Saturday Cartoon Super Bonanza: Amway Guy’s Greatest Hits!

October 21, 2006

WealthyCheck out the nominees over at the Michigan League of Lunchmoney Donors and vote for your favorite Dick Devos movie of 2006. It’s like Cannes, only without the topless beaches and Michael Moore (Michael Moore and topless beach? I think I need to use the facilities now.)

Best Picture: See Dick Run The stick guy is funny and the little girl’s voice is so unbearable cute that she will be making calls about how disappoined she is in Granholm all next week. All that’s missing is a puppy!

Best Performance by a Puppy: Stop Devos I: Puppy Stomp Awww. Stomping puppies? That’s a low blow!! Besides, it’s the Governor’s responsibility to protect puppies from me!

Best Original Score: The Disembodied Head of Dick Devos Music to outsource by!

2nd Best Original Score: I’ve Been Amwayed Also wins Best Director, Best Perfomance by a Disembodied Head, Best Musical Description of the Amway Scam and Tappinest Toes!

Best Foreign Film: Dickenstein (Spain) I admit. I fell asleep but only because I had stayed up all night before watching the Chris Farley film marathon. Farley was a comic genius. His “living in a van down by the river” piece is something I think folks in Michigan don’t appreciate enough. If elected, I vow that you will.


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