Blackwater USA’s Erik Prince & Dick Devos: Brother-in-laws in Arms

October 20, 2006

Blackwater USA’s Erik Prince & Dick Devos: Brother-in-laws in Arms

Man, I’m glad that shouty guy is gone! He did want me to tell everyone in Michigan how deeply sorry he felt for them. See?? He was disappointed too!!

Anyway, now I can get back on the road to Take Back Michigan for Corporations & Special Interests on my spiffy new trike! The first stop I want to make is to address all those stories in the media about the connection between Dick Devos & Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater USA (one of the world’s largest private army).

What? Only ONE result? And it’s just a letter to the editor. Wow, I guess if the major news media doesn’t see a connection, then there’s no worries!

Still, our mud-wrestling lady Governor might not be content with sticking a big Amway tag on my chest and drag this issue into the election too. Take a memo, Jenny: when we Republicans say “Character matters”, we’re talking about other people’s character!

Erik Prince is the brother of my wife, Betsy Prince Devos. He is a former Navy Seal who worked in the first Bush White House. At the age of 29, he founded a private military company called Blackwater USA. Blackwater and Eric Prince are featured in the Movie Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers (watch a clip about Erik below!) and also in this post from some liberal guy on the Huffington lady’s blog. Speaking of outrageously liberal, here’s an article from The Nation called Blood is Thicker than Blackwater.

Ahhh! A book!! Burn it!!!!

Weak-kneed Willie over at Michigan Liberal noted that the Virginia Pilot had an in-depth series on Blackwater USA:

Blackwater has rocketed from obscurity to the big time in less than a decade. Peter Singer, author of “Corporate Warriors” and a scholar at the Brookings Institution, a Washington think tank, says that although Blackwater might not be the biggest player in the private military industry, “they’ve certainly gained the biggest profile.”

They’ve done it with deep-pocket backing, high-powered political connections and an uncanny knack for capitalizing on the violent milestones of a turbulent time

This comprehensive Blackwater USA feature (with lots of pictures and video) talks about how Blackwater soldiers are trained, has fun facts on what makes Blackwater different, how darn profitable the company is in these dangerous times, the company’s plans for the future and exciting stuff about how Blackwater operates right here on US soil! I bet that’s a side benefit you never thought of from Dick Devos as President of the USA Michigan’s Governor.

Erik has recently been in the news for donating to the Green Party to siphon votes from Dems in Pennsylvania. Genius! Media Mouse shows that the Prince family and the Devos family donate to a lot of the same organizations, and you can find a bunch more about this exciting topic by searching for “Dick Devos Erik Prince” on Google. Except for this article of course. This one will be our little secret.

Finally, this Unseen War link proves that I am not the weirdest thing on the Internet. Through it, I found this quote by some commie by the name of James Madison: “No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare.”

PS: It would be really, really terrible if some Michigan newspaper reporter used these sources to write an article about the connection between Dick Devos & Erik Prince and Blackwater. Remember, news is what YOU say it is, media people!


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