Dickenstein: The Movie (and a scary Dick Devos Halloween Mask!)

October 18, 2006

To everybody who got “private” on the video I’m informed that the jamming efforts by CHUDD have been overridden and the video is not available.

Curses, foiled again.I LIIIIIIIIIVE …. Dickenstein!


… and I look pretty darn good too! Now get on over to Michigan Caucus and watch the Dickenstein!

Dick Devos Halloween Mask!Then, when you’re in the Halloween mood, be sure to come back to get your Bloodsucking Dick Devos Haloween Mask!

Forbes Magazine has some other billionaire Halloween masks. For some reason I found this one in the dumpster. I think there’s nothing scarier than Dick Devos and that the vampire really evokes my plans for Michigan and gives a big shout-out to all those in Amway’s downline that Dick Devos drained of money!

Speaking of movies…


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