Dick Devos Goals for Michigan’s Final Gubernatorial Debate

October 16, 2006

Dick Devos Debate Goals

Well, it’s already down to the final debate between Governor Jennifer Granholm and Tricky Dicky Devos. I have to say that I have done a stellar job of following Secret Debate Plan Codename Schultz: Dick Devos knows NUH-ZINK!

Tonight the script calls for more of the same! Across the Frogger-like street of politics, Dems like Communista Cat are saying “mean and vindictive little man” and “the GOP will Leave No Child Unexploited in their quest for power” and are thinking they can put the Dickster on ice by harping on things like tax cuts. They forget that this race is about one thing and one thing only: Jennifer Granholm is responsible for the downfall of the auto industry.

Over at the Michigan House of Progressive Pancakes, they’re bemoaning the fact that the 3rd debate will be pre-empted for “Wife Swap”. Did somebody say “Wife Swap“? Meanwhile, the Soup Lady has her own roundup on why Dick Devos is a Bad Idea for Michigan that points to some new blogs on the Michigan block. One of these is Eric Baerren, who uses Dick Devos’s irresponsible tax cuts to take a potshot at my homey Frank “Bootlick” Beckmann of the Detroit Opinion Masquerading as News in Hacktacular. Finally, Wacko Zacko the Liberal Loon rounds the news up (including this stunning endorsement of Dick Devos from the Detroit News).


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