Saturday Cartoon DOUBLE FEATURE: Dick Devos never cleaned up his bedroom, or his Amway

October 14, 2006

AnticipatingWe have a cartoon double feature this Saturday boys & girls! Actually, they’re not really cartoons, but that’s OK because Dick Devos is billed as a “businessman” and if tricking people into a multi-level marketing scheme that needs to be defended repeatedly in court, leaves a trail of broken families in its wake and gets exposes on it run by the likes of MSNBC is a business, then I got a closet full of tapes and soap and stuff I want to sell you. And a candidate for Michigan’s Governor. Cheap.

“Before you go out to clean up the world, have you learned how to clean up your bedroom?”

-Amway Founder Rich Devos

Come on, Dad, you know that Dick Devos doesn’t have clean up his messes! Dick Devos for President! I mean Dick Devos for Governor! For now…

Merchants of Deception is a book that you can download for free by a former Amway/Quixtar insider who says:

To make a long story short, at the highest level, I inadvertently discovered what documentation now appears to reveal as two decades of systematic, global fraud running into a sum currently in excess of forty billion dollars. When I initially discovered the deception, I naively thought it only involved Kingpin level distributors in the field. I immediately reported it to Amway/Quixtar senior management with nearly 50 pages of corroborating documentation. The documentation of the fraud was also reported directly to then President Dick DeVos (incredulously now running for Governor of Michigan) by both fax and certified mail. What was the response under Dick DeVos’ leadership? The details are well documented in the book which includes the correspondence sent directly to Mr. DeVos.

Their response was more shocking than the fraud I had discovered. Instead of taking action against the Kingpin level distributors that were clearly defrauding the masses, they began to make threats of taking punitive action against me.

The author says that the book was used to initiate the current, active FBI investigation of Amway-Quixtar (what??) It was also used to make a video for some fringe outfit called NBC and a show called “Dateline”…

Dateline NBC on Quixtar aka Amway (link to this vide on on Google)


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