Liveblogging Debate #2: Dick Devos vs. Jennifer Granholm

October 10, 2006

Dick Devos the Dominator!
7:59 Nervous, excited, bobbing

8:00 Granholm looks angry. And she should be because the Dickster is furious. He calls her a liar, says the Dems have been shopping the Alterra story for months. Too bad so many papers bought it. Stupid truth.
8:04 I have a multi-pronged plan for Michigan. Not sure how many prongs – I’ll look it up later and you can bet that some of thse prongs are going to prove very surprising to Michigan.

8:05 Granholm steals my ideas. I am convinced of this. Brain lasers or something I’m guessing. Except for health care. No health care. She’s saying that Ontario built more cars than Michigan last year. Can we get a fact check on that? Oh. Apparently, Ontario is building more cars than Michigan now. The Govette says automakers went to Canada for health care. Total lie. They went for the Labatts. I have pictures. And now she’s talking about universal health care with support from the Feds. That’s just out of line. Besides, ain’t no way Washington is helping HER turn Michigan into some shimmering symbol of progress. You can write that down.
8:08 Finally, I get my turn and I bite back by saying that the best way to get insurance is to get a job. Sure, that totally ignores the fact that the Governor’s point is that businesses are fleeing to where they can reduce their health care costs, but I think I score points with the lowest common denomonator crowd.

8:10 She attacks Amway for hiring temps to avoid paying insurance. It’s no fair, she’s smarter than me.

8:11 Wendland goes after me about Detroit. However, he’s talking about what the Republicans are doing. Dick Devos is NOT a Republican. Actually, Dick Devos is a Republican, but we’re keeping that a secret.

8:12 Heard somewhere “Dick Devos is like Dr. Seuss, without the whimsical alliterative ability. ” I have no idea what that means but I think it’s another vote for me.
8:14 I say that Amway has the best health care in the world. Will any dare challenge that? Except for Michigan’s Senators and Representatives. And me.

8:15 The Geha says they asked for emailed questions and got 1900 emails. 1900 emails? Don’t you people have LIVES???

8:16 Granholm maunders on and on about tying tax breaks to the creation of jobs in Michigan. So I took jobs to China with my tax break, I MADE MONEY AND BROUGHT IT BACK TO MICHIGAN. Then I took a trip and bought a racing yacht from Australia. Why are you looking at me like that? I’m sure your yacht is very nice too.
8:20 Vouchers is the queston. I support school choice (nicey-nicey for vouchers which is nicey-nicey for taking taxpayer dollars to public schools). However, I’m a big fan of public education. I experienced it in the mean halls of Forest Hills. I will fight to move money into the classrooms. Or to private schools. The important part is that Dick Devos will fight public education. For. Fight for. Pay no attention to reports that Dick Devos used his family’s fortune and status to create an intricate national network of non-profits, political action committees and federal groups known as 527s that effectively fund the political arm of the school voucher movement. Probably a typo.

8:22 I shrewdly put the onus for declining education funding to Granholm. She runs out of time. I then rebut her rebuttal with some babble-speak that I couldn’t even follow. I think it was Chinese.

8:26 The Gov calls me a pussycat. Pussycat? I’ll show her pussycat. I say that we need to get rid of personal property tax as well (What’s another $1.5 billion tax cut between friends?) We won’t have a tax left by the time I get through with things.
8:27 Governor Granholm says Michigan needs a governor who stands up to President Bush rather than writing him a seven figure campaign check. OUCH! That’s a low blow. True, but still, can’t we let George W. Bush rest in peace? Haven’t Republicans suffered enough for his sins?

8:30 Granholm questions my ability to set a meeting with Dubya. Dick Devos talks, George W. Bush listens. That’s what Dick Devos expects (and gets) for his money. The date is questioned by the Gov, and I tell her it’s going to be AFTER the election as politics are much more important than Michigan’s economy and workers. At least to the President.
8:33 The Gov starts to talk about all her plans. I’m not interested in plans, I want results. We’re going backwards here! It’s a pattern. It goes back to 1994, when the Governor laid the plans for Michigan’s current disaster. Granholm says 500 companies wanted to come to Michigan and grow in Michigan, but I think I got her there.

8:37 Environment? Um. Next question. I get a nice shot in on Illinois having more ethanol. So what if it’s a giant cornfield. If we’re short on corn, it’s the Governor’s job to plant it!

8:41 Granholm is a foreigner. That’s a revelation that’s gonna hurt her.

8:43 SBT replacement – who’s tired of hearing about this? Raise your hands. Nobody? Granholm tried to get me to say how I will replace it but I am too smart and agile for her! Like a panther. Or a monkey. I manage to ask myself a different (and easier) question which I then answer and imply that the Gov supports the SBT. She doesn’t and the truth is, I have no IDEA how I will replace the SBT. That’s $1,900,000,000.00, a lot of zeros even for Dick Devos to figure out. That’s OK though, the Republicans who voted to end it had no idea what they would replace it with either. So the Governor “had a plan to replace the SBT”. Big deal. Plans are overrated.

8:47 I am of the pro-life side and in favor of Michigan laws as they are. I come out in favor of the laws as they are. Did anybody write that down? OK, I need you to burn it fast because if my base ever hears it, I’m toast. My opponent then hides behind the constitution. It’s just PAPER, Jenny! Sure, I threw my base under the train, but I think they know I’m not telling the truth.

8:52 The Governor has all these plans but I hold firm to my disappointment. She acts, I complain.

8:55 I was afraid this would go on forever. The Gov implies I am better off than I was 4 years ago. I am of course, but this isn’t about me. It’s about you, and you need to decide who is best able to look out for your interests. Some Governor who wasn’t able to fix the auto industry in 3 1/2 years or a businessman experienced in outsourcing jobs and sneaking tax breaks in the middle of the night.

Lies that the commies are spouting…


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