Dubya & Devos: Can You Tell the Difference?

October 9, 2006

Can You Tell the Difference?

A lot of people are saying “I can’t tell the difference between George W. Bush and Dick Devos”? Now if there’s one thing Dick Devos knows, it’s confusion, so without further delay here is The Voter’s Guide to Distinguishing Between Dick Devos & George W. Bush!

George W. Bush inherited the office of the Presidency (and some oil money) from his father while Dick Devos inherited Amway from his father. While both inherited a lot, you have to agree that Dubya got the silverest spoon.
George W. Bush is a Republican and while Dick Devos is a Republican too, he is keeping it a secret and not flaunting it for the whole world to see.

George W. Bush accepts money from special interests while Dick Devos IS a special interest. In fact, Dick Devos contributed a bunch to George Bush’s re-election. Again, we are keeping this a SECRET! Thanks, major media! Also note that Dick Devos will not accept a cent for his work as governor. Some old beezer said “If it’s not free it’s not worth much“. Hey Dad, SHUT UP FOR A WHILE!

George W. Bush is President of the United States while Dick Devos just wants to be governor of Michigan. Of course Dick Devos has registered devosforpresident.com, but that was just to be safe. It’s not like he wants to be President … much … yet.

So you see, Dick Devos and George W. Bush are easy to tell apart … if you squint your eyes … and remember that Dubya is the Republican who owes it all to his daddy from TEXAS.

Oh look! It’s a new TV ad

Also check out this one that was 1st on the scene  and/or visit Michigan Dems to download for your iPod or something I guess.
(crossposted to King of France aka Daily Kos)


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