It’s OK if “You Don’t Know Dick” ’cause Dick doesn’t want to know YOU!

October 5, 2006

It’s OK if You Don’t Know Dick

Metro Times Detroit has a story called “You Don’t Know Dick” that I have about a zillion problems with. I will list them below. Since my attention, like my tolerance, patience, charm and just about everything but the number of zeros in my undisclosed personal fortune is short, I may not be able to stay focused long enough to list them here.

  1. The picture. I have a person whose entire job consists of shaving my pampered billionaire face and talking to me about manly things like sports and fishing so I have some sort of grounding when I’m mixing with normal humans. So how come my face looks like something you’d find in Russia or a deer camp? Foul!
  2. The main source. Russ Bellant. This guy has Nazis on the brain. He has a book saying the Coors family funds domestic facism and another one saying Nazis are involved with the Republican party and gained a foothold in the Reagan administration. This guy sees Nazis and fascists EVERYWHERE. Memo to Rusty: just because a guy and his wife support a lot of far right organizations dedicated to altering the fabric of our society doesn’t make them Nazis!
  3. The stuff about “Betsy’s brother Erik Prince, a former Navy SEAL who formed Blackwater USA, a company that supplies mercenaries to the U.S. government, with the company’s hired guns sent to Iraq, Afghanistan and even New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina.”? Nobody cares. Remember Billy Carter? He was a total goofus and you Democrats had no problems with that. Just substitute automatic weapons for beer and that’s Erik!
  4. Yes, the DeVos family is one of top contributors to the Republican Party. Yes, our political contributions totaled more than $2.3 million in 2003 and 2004, including more than $1.8 million to party committees in Michigan. Yes, in the 2000 national election, Amway was the second-largest contributor of soft money to the Republican Party. So??? It’s not like we get anything back for that.
  5. Molly Ivans.Do we have to hear her say “My favorite tax break in the new budget package is worth $283 million to one corporation: Amway. The company and its top leaders have contributed at least $4 million to the Republican Party during the last four years, so that’s a $4 million investment in campaign contributions with a $283 million payoff for Amway.” again? That’s OLD NEWS.
  6. It’s long. My motto is “If you can’t say it in 15 seconds, I can’t understand it!” Words to live by Metro Times, words to live by.
  7. Baseless accusations. They close with Bellant saying “The governor of Michigan, it’s not that great a job. My guess is he wants to be president.” Devos for President? That’s just ridiculous!

There you have it, and I can’t say I’m surprised to see it from a paper that would run this column saying the Bush administration is a bigger threat to world peace than terrorists.

Oh look Hector “So long America” Solon has posted something about the article over at King of France.


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