Dick Devos IS Secret Amway Man

October 3, 2006

Yes daddyos & mommyos and people who hate America and choose to be childlessos, it’s time for Tuesday Afternoon Chart Toppers with your host, the Disembodied Head who’s baking up that Payola Bread. This week’s smash single that’s burning up the charts, the ozone layer and the Pere Marquette State Forest is Secret Amway Man starring the Hunk with the MLM Junk, Darlin’ Dick Devos!*

Beware of pretty faces that you find,
a pretty face can hide an evil mind

Kids these days don’t know WHAT they’re missing!

*If you’re curious to know more about this dashing International Man of Mystery, be sure to read the tell-nothing biography that is banned on 5 continents, the island territory of Guam and within the city limits of Ada: Dick Devos: The Unauthorized Biography.

If you want to know more about Amway, I can’t stop you from going to this web site about Amway. But really, can’t we just forget that most of Dick Devos’s money comes from Amway and pretend it came from the Lottery or something?


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