The Skinny on the “Debate for Governor 2006”

October 2, 2006

Here’s the details from WKAR about the debate. For clarity, I have magically caused all my catty comments to appear in italics.Debate for Governor, courtesy WKAR

WKAR-TV presents a live, one hour statewide debate between the incumbent Democratic governor Jennifer Granholm (all your problems are her fault) and Republican challenger Dick DeVos (the dashing challenger who will make you forget all about your current problems with exciting NEW problems!). The program airs live on PBS stations throughout Michigan on Monday, October 2, at 8 p.m (that is today for Zack of Pohlitics).

The gubernatorial debate will also be carried by WILX-TV10 and WSYM-TV FOX47 in Lansing, and WJBK FOX2 in Detroit.The Debate for Governor 2006 will be moderated by Michigan senior capitol correspondent Tim Skubick (pictured right attempting to hypnotize a sandwich). Participants for this debate were chosen based on criteria established by the Michigan Public Broadcasting Board of Directors (translation: Greenies, Taxheads & Liberalatarians need not apply!).

The debate will also be available live on 90.5 WKAR. Rick Pluta will anchor Michigan Public Radio Network coverage. (I have no opinion of Rick Pluta as I welded my radio dial to only tune to conservative talk radio!!)

Live Internet Broadcast
Michigan Radio has live broadcasts from their web site and says they will broadcast the debate live on the internet tonight at 8 PM. Out of staters, I expect to see your campaign contributions for this one!

WKAR-TV Rebroadcast
Saturday, October 7, at 6 p.m.

Beginning Tuesday, October 3, the television special will be available for online viewing at WKAR.org, and the MPRN radio coverage will be available as a downloadable podcast.

Live blog
The debate will also feature a live-blog simulcast cage match at MichiganLiberal.com sponsored by Amway in which the Disembodied Head of Dick Devos will engage the entire Michigan Liberal blogosphere in single combat.


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