Dick Devos is made of money … and soap … but mostly money

September 28, 2006

Dick Devos is made of money

Ooooh! Dick Devos has spent $18 million dollars in the campaign! Horrors! Dick Devos is going to spend $60 million! Gasp! How can Dick Devos even spend $60 million?
Wake up, Michigan. $60 million dollars is but a drop in the Bucket o’ Billions that is the Devos Fortune, and TV & radio ads aren’t the only place Dick Devos will spend his money. He will spend it on the web and he will spend it on billboards and he will give temporary jobs to people as the election approaches.

It would not be one bit surprising if Dick Devos decided to use the Devos family fortune to establish or seed a Michigan-wide version of the Kalamazoo Promise or attempted some similar vote-buying disguised as philanthropy ploy because make no mistake about it,  Dick Devos is made of money.

In October, Dick Devos will bury Michigan in a blizzard of money and the only question you should be asking is “What CAN’T Dick Devos buy with his billions?”
PS: Having stolen millions and millions from Amway rubes, I’m not at all concerned about stealing from artists!


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