Lee Iacocca Ad for Dick Devos would warm my heart … if I had one of course

September 25, 2006

There’s been so much negativity and attacks lately that I thought we should all take a minute and watch one of Michigan’s most beloved corporate icons and pitchmen, Mr. Lee Iacocca in the Devos campaign‘s latest TV ad, What He Makes.

Except that you CAN’T watch it here. For security reasons. We don’t want information just FLYING ALL OVER THE INTERNETS now do we? Of course not. Security. Secrecy. Need to know basis, these must be our watchwords in our quest to put Dick Devos in the Governor’s office. Or Presidency. I forget which The Billionairess said something about stepping stones. I was coloring so I had to concentrate on that. So anyway, you’ll have to click to go see the ad. Until some commie with a DVR rips the commercial or course.
I should point out that Lee Iacocca doesn’t actually live in Michigan any more and that this commercial was filmed at his California home.

I should also point out that the commercial never actually mentions Amway/Alticor/Quixtar as Dick Devos’s business. But we all know that Dick Devos is Amway, right?

The important part to focus on the image of Dick Devos as a go-getter, a Michigan manufacturer who “toughed things out”. Except that Dick Devos actually sent a boatload of money to China and 1400 Michigan workers to the unemployment line when the going got tough.

Christine Barry sez Iacocca and DeVos have a few things in common

Iacocca closed plants and cut nearly half of the workforce at Chrysler. DeVos closed distribution centers and cut nearly half of his employees at Amway.

Iacocca asked the government for a $1.2 billion bailout. DeVos asked the government for a $300 million tax gift.

A bunch of other stuff comparing the records of Lee Iococca & Dick Devos.

Still, you have to admit that Lee Iacocca delivers a warm and touching tribute to Dick Devos. Let’s all gaze in Lee Iococca’s soothing eyes and turn away from everything else. Yes. Sleepier and sleepier, Michigan.

Lee Iococca


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