Numbers make me sleepy (Michigan’s Unemployment Rate over 16 years)

September 24, 2006

Michigan's Unemployment Rate over the last 16 years

The boys at CHUDD sent this over. Couldn’t figure it out so I pasted pictures of Michigan’s governors on it … and Mariah Carey and Norah Jones .. Mariah & Norah don’t make things any clearer for me, but it’s prettier! Notice how I managed to fit their popular albums (Mariah Carey’s self titled debut & Norah Jones’ Feels Like Home) in between Michigan’s unemployment rate and the national unemployment rate. I asked the Billionairess for a star for staying inside the lines but she just looked at me.
The numbers at the right might have something to do with the gubernatorial head elevation. Maybe.

Had to add this Do you SEE the huge gap that Job Loss Jenny Granholm has opened? It’s almost unprecidented in Michigan history! Except for that thing in the early 90s, but that was the failed legacy of Democratic governor James Blanchard and Michigan Do-Nothing Democrat legislature’s fault as I remember things. Took Big John Engler quite a few years to sort THAT mess out let me tell you.

Anderson Economic Group does some fine work for the Mackinac Institute of Public Policy, Michigan’s cutting edge conservative think-tank. Anderson’s Michigan unemployment over 16 years chart-thingee is on this page.

Hmmm. The Soup Lady is mumbling down there about  budget surpluses, low unemployment, low inflation, low interest rates, low poverty levels, and rising wages. Also something about Democrats being fiscally responsible and tax cuts being tax deferrals through out of control budget deficits we Republicans like to run. Crazy talk. Can we get back to discussing my kooky but ultimately meaningless positions on evolution please?


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