Stop Devos doesn’t like Dick Devos … and the feeling is MUTUAL

September 21, 2006

What’s “Oh No” to the third power?

Mad as HellNow this makes me REALLY mad. Here’s someone who says forget about China, forget about the fact that there’s no economic plan, the simple fact that Dick Devos was President of Amway should disqualify him from being Governor of Michigan.

Now I spent a heck of a lot of time getting people worked up about China and my hazy plan because I can and WILL make those things disappear with an October surprise wave of my hand and I object to any attempt to reframe the issue around Amway. Read the ruling, Amway is not an ILLEGAL pyramid scheme. Is it my fault that the pyramid structure is unfair? No, blame that on geometry. Stupid geometry. We’ll get rid of geometry and replace it with something more useful in the modern world. Intelligent design maybe.

Welcome to “the List”, Mr. Stop Devos. And by the way, The Head doesn’t torture puppies. Kittens every so often, but only liberal ones!


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