Kommie Kittie Krippled by CHUDD Masterstroke!

September 19, 2006

Confusing, but Successful

Late last night, seasoned CHUDD operatives stormed the secret tower of arch-commie blogger Wizard Kitten. In a complex (but ultimately successful) battle plan, the ballistic armor-clad mercenaries utilized experimental weaponry developed in conjunction with the Dum-Dum corporation. CHUDD Vice-Commander John Engleberry stated: “The blogger known as Wizard Kitten has been dealt a serious blow in Operation Lollipop. We baited her with eye candy and then stole her line breaks, rendering her blog even more incomprehensible than usual.  She simply could not resist the temptation. Ultimately, curiosity killed the cat.”

In related news, Vice-Commander Engleberry was seriously injured when his entire squadron experience a simultaneous weapons malfunction immediately following the delivery of that quote.


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