Believe is Amway Rip-off!!

September 18, 2006

Believe is Just an Amway Rip-off!
I’m all steamed up over this movie “Believe” from Loki Mulholland. It’s nothing but a wholesale ripoff of Amway! They call the company “Believe Industries” but even a child could see that it’s Amway. Alticor. Quixtar. Michigan Republican Party. Whatever the heck we’re calling Amway today.

It was bad enough when the Pohlitrickster was interviewing Believe’s “director”, but now the Michigan papers are writing about this Amway-based movie. They give Amway a little play, talking about proposed Federal Trade Commission rule that would require increased consumer disclosure to multi-level marketing recruits and the fact that only about 1% of active distributors, or independent business owners, make $47,000 or more annually, according to Amway’s statistics. (see below for more accurate stats than appeared in the article) Average monthly income for active IBOs in 2005 was $115, but I’m not seeing anything in MY downline from this movie.

Believe premiers in Lansing on Thursday and opens in the Grand Rapids area and elsewhere in Michigan Oct. 13 – you can bet I’ll be walking (well, floating actually) the picket lines to make people aware that the movie Believe is really all about Amway!


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