Dick Devos is a Republican … just don’t tell anyone

September 15, 2006

Dick Devos is a Republican
Left-leaning bloggers everywhere (and even some supposedly unbiased news sources) have been saying:

Actually, nobody has said anything about the sheep. Yet. But still, the trend is disturbing. We can’t have voters in the state of Michigan thinking that Dick Devos, largest donor to the Republican Party in the nation for the last election and bluest of the nouveau bluebloods is afraid to be recognized as a member of the Grand Old Party.

Since I have engaged Ultra Security Protocol Delta to keep out Those People, I can tell you that it’s all part of my Secret Master Plan to surprise the Commiecrats. Imagine how shocking it will be when I throw off my disguise as an arch-conservative plutocrat and roll out my October Surprise announcement … Dick Devos is a Republican!!

I want to shout it out to the world, Dick Devos is a Republican, Dick Devos loves George Bush, Dick Devos ran Amway and he thinks it’s totally fine to have a legal pyramid scheme!

And I will. Real soon now. Scout’s honor.

But let’s keep it quiet for now.


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