Who opened the door and let the commies in?

September 12, 2006

Mad as HellNow I love the Detroit News like a fine pair of $1200 Gucci loafers, the yacht I owned until I thought it would look bad if I owned a yacht or any of the other very expensive things I have boughten over the years, but I must protest them allowing a platform for the likes of Ms. Christine Barry. It’s bad enough that she has her own blog (why can’t there be laws to stop people like her from getting blogs? Note to self – take care of this once elected). But now she’s using the web site of my personal newspaper a fine Michigan paper to say that Dick Devos is lying about Michigan being in a single-state recession and to tell people that the Washington Post reports that the National Republican Congressional Committee plans to spend more than 90% of its campaign funds on digging up dirt on opponents. (Post story)
I ask you, does Michigan need to be burdened with “news” like this? Heck no! Let the candidates tell the facts to you without all this media spin. And Detroit News, please send Ms. Barry back to the kitchens of Shiawassee County before it’s too late.


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