Dick Devos says ‘Cry havok and release the lawyers!

September 7, 2006

I’m tired of this maligning of Dick Devos by Governor Granholm (the person who I say is responsible for every job lost in Michigan since just about forever), so I’m going to sue those Democrats blind and broke! One of my nemisissies, WizardKitten, has some typical ranting about this on Michigan Communist and Womens Wear Daily:

One wonders how Dick would handle disagreements if he were Governor. Apparently his first response in all situations of dissent is to try to silence his critics using the strong arm of the law.

Is that the kind of Michigan we want?

Hell yes! The truth and the law belongs to the person who can afford the best lawyers – it’s the American way! Don’t like it? Move to China or someplace (I Dick Devos will have a job for you if you move to China)
There’s also something about the family of Dick Devos and Betsy Prince supporting a boycott of Ford.


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