There’s Communists and then there’s Communists with radio shows

September 5, 2006

Peter Werbe, Communist with a Radio Show

TerrifiedI think “progressive” in this case means “scares the pants off me*”.

I have linked Peter Werbe from my list of “Sites to Be Wary Of”, but thought that I’d better call special attention to it lest any of my followers get the jibbering terrors. Mr. Werbe has correctly identified George Bush as the enemy of Michigan. Dick Devos says George Bush is the enemy of Michigan too. Dick Devos will fight George Bush over Michigan. Or in Michigan. Anywhere but hunting with Cheney really.

Be sure to avoid Werbe’s links to things like the 14 Points of Fascism. Remember: if the good lord had wanted us to think, those MENSA Poindexters would have all the money and I’d be living in a box! (I’m not, so turn off that brain before someone gets hurt!)
*metaphorically speaking of course as I have no pants. Or body.


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