Tiny (Thought) Bubbles

August 25, 2006

AnticipatingThe pace of the campaign has been so crazy that I feel we haven’t had time to talk. How are you? Are you leaving Michigan or are you just in dire peril of leaving? It’s all the Governor’s fault. Remember that: “Blame the Governor” (at least until I get elected – after that, we’ll blame other people).

I thought it would be interesting to give you an inside look at what I’m thinking about when I’m “On the Road”, so here’s my report on the UP State Fair:

State Fair…

Rep. Tom Casperson (Proud participant in the Michigan Quality of Life Upgrade Attack Tour with Whackmaster Ted Nugent) and Mayor Judy Schwalbach were excellent guides and hosts for me today at the State Fair in the Upper Peninsula. What a great day, I even had time to eat a pasty (Mmmm … pasties).

As I met and talked with families, they were all very excited to be enjoying the State Fair (I couldn’t let that last – my Road to Change is paved with unhappy faces). But our conversations quickly turned from the jubilee of a fair to the concern about our economy. Since Michigan has an unemployment rate of 7 percent, we are once again tied for one of the worst unemployment rates in the country. Mississippi is the only other state with a higher rate, and they were hit by Hurricane Katrina nearly one year ago (Can you hear the glee I take in saying this? Trust me, the glee was palpable. That’s the problem with writing words: no glee).

We can and must do better for residents of Michigan (I have jobs for all of you at Amway!). As I enjoyed the fair, I couldn’t help but wonder how many of the young children (see? Dick Devos cares!) will be forced to leave our state to find jobs if we don’t turn things around. Michigan is in a crisis and we need to work hard to bring change to our state.

Speaking of Bubbles, here’s more doom & gloom…


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