Devos Plan to pay for the SBT Tax Cut

August 18, 2006

Dick Devos Plan to Pay for the SBT Tax Cut

All I’m hearing this days as I drive all over the state, carrying my message of taking back Michigan for the corporations, is “Dick Devos doesn’t have a plan”, “Dick Devos is going to raise taxes once he’s elected”, “Dick Devos ran over my cat”.

Whine, whine, whine – I’m tired of it! Dick Devos stands for cutting taxes so deeply that Michigan bleeds like a stuck pig! And now I can prove it with My Michigan Turnaround Plan 2.0: Bar Graphs and Other Pretty Pictures!

As you can see, my plan replaces EVERY CENT of the $1.8 billion cut that our Republican-led legislature so courageously voted down without a clue of what they’d replace it with.

So in your face, Muskegon Chronicle – I’m sure the communists are very happy to have you doing their work for them. And in your face too, Mr. Tim “More Liberal Than Lenin” Skubick!

Dick Devos has a plan for Michigan, and it’s colorful, easy-to-read, 100% faith-based and endorsed by the Motor City Madman Terrible Ted Whackmaster Nugent!


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