Ruth Johnson: A Woman, From Oakland County

August 16, 2006

A Woman, From Oakland County
What with all the kidnapping, I almost forgot to introduce you all to Ruth “The Woman From Oakland County” Johnson.

Michigan, as we see itNow a lot of people are saying “You only picked her because she’s a woman from Oakland County,” when actually nothing could be farther from the truth. I remember how surprised I was when John “I Only Salute the Top Brass” Triscuit Truscott said to me “Dick, she’s a woman, from Oakland County.” Then he showed me the map and I could see that a woman from Oakland County was really the only choice we could make for the good of Michigan.

As Genesee County Republican Chairwoman Denise Graves said “Even Oakland County is hurting.” Can you see how critical this is? Oakland County is hurting. If Oakland County is hurting, can you imagine how those other people are doing?? We need to move on things like slashing the estate tax, getting rid of business taxes and cutting back on non-essential services like public schools before it’s too late!


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