NYT gets it wrong … as usual

August 1, 2006

Mad as HellAs usual, the daily newsletter of the Communist Party of America gets it dead wrong by opposing a much needed estate-tax cut. They accuse Republicans of cynicism by tying the measure to a minimum wage hike to get Dems to vote for it, ignoring the give and take that is part of a healthy political system and concluding:

That’s the deal House Republicans are really offering — a few more dollars for 6.6 million working Americans; billions more for some 8,000 of the wealthiest families…

…This is an attempt at extortion. There is no way to justify providing yet another enormous tax shelter to the nation’s wealthiest heirs in the face of huge budget deficits, growing income inequality and looming government obligations for Social Security and Medicare.

My view: Taxes take money out of the hands of people who’ll spend it. Spending creates jobs. Democrats oppose jobs. Make THEM work for the minimum wage.

Elect Dick Devos and that’s exactly what we’ll do! To everyone.

Join my Campaign for Big Bucks today … and hurry up with that burger, sweetie!


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